The church is the gathering of God’s people.

Over 2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ had risen from the dead he gathered his friends together and told them that they were to be his representatives - telling everyone they knew about His life, death and resurrection and then forming communities of Jesus-followers all over the world.

These communities were, and still are, the church.

It is in these communities we gather to learn and grow in what it means to love and follow Jesus. It is in these communities where we discover God’s purposes and plans in our lives. It is where we learn how to help others encounter the life-changing work of Jesus.

The church is about community, and our lives as Christians are meant to primarily be understood in that light.

This means that we serve each other, help each other grow in our grasp of Christ’s love, and work together to see our community and the world transformed by that same Christian love. We long for URCC be a place where we are continually deepening our faith and love in Jesus while widening our embrace of all people - just as Jesus did.

We pray that you would be able to discover how God has made you to be a unique and integrated member of the church at Upper Room.

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