Growing Deeper, Reaching Wider

The Next Ten Years

2000 years ago, God sent His son Jesus into the world and likewise Jesus sent his followers into the world as witnesses to His reconciling love. In response to this sending, just over ten years ago Upper Room was planted in Vaughan to reach out and share what God has done.

As Upper Room moves into its second decade, we are being invited to strech ourselves and reach out in new ways, because what God has done for us is not just for us. There are thousands of people in the cities where we live that don't know Jesus and to reach them, we need to be near them. This means bringing God's work to the neighbourhoods where we live to multiply the experience of community, intimacy and opportunity for leadership and bring it closer to us and our neighbours.

Campaign Brochure

Next Steps

Our first step into this dream is securing a permanent home for Upper Room, a hub from which we can move out into the city. Learn more about The Hub.

As a congregation, we are seeking to invest $1.2 million over two years to make this a reality and to provide new opportunities for new people to know Jesus. Learn more about The Campaign.