There will not be a worship service in either of our locations on Sunday, Dec. 29th.
So what should you do?
This is an opportunity for you to practice true Sabbath.
Often the holidays - much like our regular lives - are filled to overflowing with commitments, expectations, and responsibilities. Our gift to you this holiday season is one day, set apart from the others, to actually rest.
To spend time with people you care about, to reflect on what God has done and is doing in your life, to do what draws you into a more heightened awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence in your life.
This is not a day to treat like all the others - and our hope is that you won't succumb to the temptation to use this gift as a way to catch up, do errands or any of the other regular things that fill our lives and crowd out our connection with our heavenly Father. Here are a couple of suggestions for what you could add to your morning:
1. Watch a few of the Bible project videos about the story of Jesus according to the gospel of Luke (these videos are really helpful for all ages/stages) -
2. You could do church on-line:

Whatever you decide, we are praying it will be a blessing to you!