What is it: Faith @Home is the belief that the home is the primary place where faith in Jesus Christ is nurtured. It envisions our homes becoming faith building environments. The latest research now offers a sobering reality that fewer than 10% of parents who regularly attend church with their kids, read the Bible together, pray together (other than mealtimes) or participate in an act of service as a family unit. This leaves a monumental disconnect between home-life and church-life, undermining the faith of our children as they move into independence and decision-making years.

How it works: One of the methods of bringing faith into our homes is called a Take it Home Event. This is where, each year or so, families at Upper Room Community Church learn one faith skill for each age group to bring into the life of their child at home. We look to empower parents to take their faith home through equipping them with practical resources, encouraging them with motivational true life stories and modelling how this would look through role play and rehearsals with their own family.

When is it: This usually occurs during our Sunday morning Service so that parents can join their children's Treehouse class.This usually occurs during our Sunday morning Service so that parents can join their children’s Treehouse class.

Who is invited: Both parents are encouraged to come together as this once per year commitment gives the child a clear indication that they matter and you value their faith walk as a priority. Also, for children with siblings, this gives them some one on one with parents. Grandparents, guardians, neighbours and friends who might be involved or have children in the particular age group will find these times inspirational and are welcome to join in.