Safe Place

At Upper Room Community Church we want to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children. In an effort to do this, we have several security measures in place to protect children, parents, workers and our church.

One of these measures is Safe Place Screening. This is a seven part process including the following:

  • Meeting with the Family Ministry Council
  • Application Form
    • Renewed yearly
  • Safe Place Training
    • Renewed yearly
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check
    • Renewed every 2 years
  • Signed Code of Conduct Form
  • Reference Checks
  • 6 months of attending church prior to working with children OR
    • In Good Standing - letter or referral from another church


The first year someone volunteers to work in our children’s programs (Treehouse, Jr. High, etc) they are required to take an in-person Safe Place Orientation training. This is a two hour event held in both Fall and Spring at a luncheon held at our Ministry Centre.

Every year after that, we require each worker to refresh their memory around the issues of our Safe Place Policies. This may be done by attending the luncheon, or you may do that right here on our website in the following way:

    • Download and print your Training Forms here.
    • Open and watch this Safe Place Training Power Point
    • Fill out your Training Form
    • 4. Sign and submit to the Family Ministry Council.

Questions? Please email [email protected]