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Looking for ways to grow in your spiritual journey? Most of these resources are available through Chapters Indigo or Amazon.

How do I help my family grow in our relationship with Jesus ?

Raising Kids for True Greatness - Tim Kimmel 

How do I help my family grow in our relationship with Jesus?

Faith begins at Home - Mark Holmen 

How do I strengthen my marriage?

Love and Respect - Emerson Eggerichs 

How do I grow in my relationship with Jesus?

Crazy Love - Francis Chan 
Chasing Daylight - Erwin McManus 
The Seven principles for making marriage work - John Gottman
The life you've always wanted - John Ortberg 

God and suffering: the problem of pain

Waiting - Ben Patterson 
Making sense out of suffering - Peter Kreeft 

Want to understand more about what the "good news" of Jesus really is?

The Jesus I never knew - Philip Yancey
The Prodigal God - Timothy Keller

Are Faith and Science mutually exclusive? Is there scientific evidence for the existence of God?

God's Undertaker: Has Science buried God? - John Lenox 

Is faith in God, Jesus and the Bible really credible?

Jesus among other gods - Ravi Zacharias 
Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis 
The Christ files - John Dickson 
The Reason for God - Timothy Keller